We recently conducted a review of our service quality and customer satisfaction. Whilst the vast majority of our customers are very happy with the service provided, there have been a few incidents that fall short of the level of service Thai Lanna aims to achieve.  Almost all of these incidents related to the service of large groups/parties. This was either directly related to the group or a ‘knock-on effect’ caused by the group to other customers.


We find serving quality freshly cooked food (a primary objective of our business) to large groups a challenge, especially on busy nights. The main issues tend to be more or less than the number booked turning up and/or some turning up late. In addition to this, large groups tend to be much more disorganised and demanding, and their impact on other customers and our ability to provide a good service to them becomes unacceptable. Typically, we find it significantly easier to serve three tables of four, than a group of 12 customers. 


As a result, we regret that from 12th July 2015 until further notice, our revised policy means that we may not accept bookings for groups of 9 people or more.


We may consider exceptions on a case by case basis, but it would be subject to agreed strict conditions. This may include a guaranteed number at a guaranteed time (backed up by a deposit), pre booked Set Meals only, the payment of a 10% service charge, and may exclude Friday and Saturday nights.


We hope you understand that we have been forced to take this step in the interests of the majority of our valued customers.