Thai Lanna operates 24 hr high-quality CCTV at both of its restaurants.


We have reluctantly installed the systems because of a perceived need to protect our customers, staff and the business from anti social or criminal activity. We hope it will provide a strong deterrent to criminals and will rarely have to be used.


We want to assure all of our law abiding customers these system will not affect them in any way.


  • Cameras are NOT routinely monitored by anyone.


  • Recordings are reviewed  by the Directors of Thai Lanna Ltd only and not staff and ONLY when there is a reported incident.


  • Confidentiality is a core responsibility of Thai Lanna Ltd - we see this in addition to the requirements set out in the Data Protection Act.


  • Recordings will only be shown or copied to the Police through official channels, or to others in accordence with the Data Protection Act which specifies that people in the recordings have to have their identities protected.


The cameras at our Chasewater Restaurant have provided evidence to the Police on several occasions. All of these incidents were unrelated to the restaurant business and did not involve any customer.


The owner is a retired Professional Engineer who worked on large public CCTV systems.  The Thai Lanna CCTV system is much smaller but incorporates much of the strategies, data redundancy and security of large public CCTV systems. 

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Mr K Denis

01543 371193


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