Thai Lanna News

Re-Opening after Coronovirus Lockdown Spring 2021

Finally, we are able to open the restaurant for table meals and drinks. We are fully aware that the Coronovirus has not gone away, and precautions based on those introduced in summer 2020 will be enforced to protect customers and staff. In particular a reduced capacity will result in high demand on Friday and Saturday evenings.  


Easter Weekend - Opening

Thai Lanna will provide a pick-up take-away service on Friday 2nd April (Good Friday) as well as Saturday 3rd April. 6pm to 9:30pm.

The restaurant is busy so please order well in advance. A pickup time will be mutually agreed. All takeaways are cooked to order to our usual high standard. The 10% discount still applies.

Please arrive on time to help maintain social distancing.


Re-Opening after Coronovirus Lockdown Spring 2021

Opening of the restaurants for sit-down meals is unlikely before the 18th May 2021. The Govornment has stated that  "..implementing this plan we will be guided by data, not dates", so this date is not fixed. We plan to open Tuesday to Saturday as soon as we are permitted to do so.


Valentines Day Friday 14th February 2021

We will provide our usual takeaway service on Sunday 14th February for those who want to celebrate with a good quality takeaway. Our taleaway meals are cooked to order, the same way as our restaurant meals.


Coronovirus Shutdown 2020/21

In these troubles times, the service we can offer changes. Please refer to the appropriate restaurant pages for the latest information.


Valentines Day Friday 14th February 2020


We are taking bookings for Valentines Day. As previous years we offer a choice of our Set Meals ONLY. These are at our standard price. No A La Carte will be available on the 14th.


Mother's Day - Sunday 31st March 2019

Both restaurants are open for Mothers' Day for both Lunch *12:00-2:30pm) and Evening Meal (6:00 to 10:30 pm) Last orders 30mins before closing time.

Our normal A La Carte and Set Menus are available with no additional charges.


Changed Opening Times

From Sunday 8th July 2018, we will no longer be open on a Sunday.

Our New opening times at both restaurants will be: 

Tuesday to Saturday from 6:00pm

Thai Lanna - Stone is also open for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays.


March 2018 Addition of Sticky Rice! 

Thai Lanna's menu offers over 100 items to chose from. Whilst there seems little reason to add to that, we have received an increasing number of customers asking about 'Sticky Rice'. Sticky Rice is made from a different type of rice called Glutonous Rice. Unsurprisingly it is sticky and can be rolled up in a a ball and eaten by hand. We have now added Sticky Rice to our menu.


Mother's Day 2018 - On Sunday 1th March BOTH Thai Lanna Restaurants  are open for lunch and evening meals. As on previous years we offer standard menu and prices - i.e no premium prices! We expect to be busy so we advise you book well in advance.


August 2017 - Recent news indicating that 700,000 Dutch Eggs contaminated with insecticide have been shipped to UK is worrying. Thai Lanna ONLY uses reputable suppliers of British eggs so customers can be sure that they will not affected by this problem.


Mother's Day 2017 - On Sunday 26th March BOTH Thai Lanna Restaurants  are open for lunch and evening meals. As on previous years we offer standard menu and prices - i.e no premium prices! We expect to be busy so we advise you book well in advance.


November 2016 - We have received a number of positive comments regarding the external renovation of the Thai Lanna Stone building. Thank you, it is nice that all the hard work and money spent is appreciated.


January 2016 - The carpet in the Chasewater restaurant has served us well over the last 15 years, but it is considered by some to be old fashioned. Early in February, we will be replacing the flooring through the entire restaurant and entrance. We are planning to do this without affecting normal opening hours.


December 2014 - All restaurants must now comply with the "The Food Information Regulations 2014". We have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to comply with this. Please click here for more information.


December 2014 - We have had several requests for bottles of Prosecco - a popular Italian sparkling wine, so we have decided to add it to our Wine List. We have selected a good quality, award winning, Prosecco from the famous Bedin Treviso estate that cost a couple of pounds more but complements the quality of our food.


November 2014 - New Menu - We have just launched a new menu in both restaurants. It still contains a very wide range of choice including the old favourites. The biggest change is the style/presentation, which is now simpler, fresher and easier to read. Another new feature is an indication of the spiciness of each of the dishes to help you make a better informed selection.