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Thai Lanna - Stone

View from Christchurch Way

Thai Lanna - Stone is located on the High Street of Stone, Staffordshire a popular market and canal town. For more information on our location, click HERE.


Facilities include:

  • Restaurant seating for up to 50 people
  • Restaurant annex for up to 30 people/private parties
  • Central heating with air-conditioning (for very hot days)
  • Traditional ‘Lanna style’  decoration, arts and crafts
  • Free WiFi Internet Access
  • Nearby public car parking
  • Wheelchair accessible


Services offered include:

  • Full waiter/waitress service
  • Choice of seven Set Meals (incl Vegetarian) offering a balanced, value for money meal
  • Extensive A lá carte Menu including:
    • Range of starters including our famous Thai Lanna Platter
    • Vegetarian starters, including a vegetarian version of our Thai Lanna Platter
    • Seafood, pork, beef, chicken and duck dishes
    • Vegetable dishes, some suitable for vegetarians
  • Excellent Wine Menu
  • Good selection of drinks including Thai Beers
  • Catering for special occasions/Parties
  • Take-home meals (subject to availability)
  • Most major credit/debit cards accepted

Picture gallery: a look inside our restaurant