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Restaurant Menu

Menu Pricing

The following pages include pricing for each item and includes VAT at the current rate. A VAT receipt is available on request.


For tables of 4 or less, gratuities are at the descretion of the customer. All gratuities are paid to the staff to aid staff retention and maintain a good level of service.


For tables of 5 or more, a 10% Service Charge will automatically be added to the bill. Again this is paid to the staff to aid staff retention and maintain a good level of service.

Menu Choice

Some Thai food can be spicy, but many of our dishs are not. To help you chose we provide an approximate indication of each dishes 'spiciness'.

Non spicy dishes have no sumbol in the description. Spicy dishes range from...

(§) a little spicy to (§§§§) very spicy.

Set Menus

If the set meals offered do not suit you, please order from the a lá carte menu. Modification to a Set meal is not possible as it may cause delays to other customers.

Five Set Meals have been carefully selected to provide a balanced meal and represent good value for money. They include appetisers, several main course dishes and rice.


We also provide a choice of two Vegetarian Set Meals - a tasty alternative.


A lá Carte Menu

The a lá Carte menu is divided into the following sections:



All of our Appetisers are made in-house and are an excellent starter for your meal. Our Thai Lanna Platter is the Chef's Signature Dish and very popular with our customers. 



In Thailand Soups are usually served as part of the main course. However you may chose when you want it. Please let the staff know your preference when orderring.


Main Courses

Thai Lanna offers a wide range of Main Dishes to satisfy all tastes. Mild stir fries to fiery curries are available with fish, prawns, squid, pork, chicken duck or beef. To assist your choice the menu is sectioned under Chicken, Pork, Beef , Duck and Seafood. Additionally we provide a tasty selection of Vegetairian Main Dishes.



We off a range of Sweets which include in-house Thai sweets plus a selection of the more exotic cold sweets.



A range of Drinks are available including two types of Thai beer whch are perfect to accompany your meal.


Wine List

Many of our customers prefer a good wine to accompany the good quality food. Our Wine list includes a range of good quality wines specially seleceted to accompany Thai food.

The Take-Away Menu can be downloaded by clicking HERE. Restaurant dishes are the same, but the price is an average of approx 10% higher.


Whilst every attempt is made to keep this site up to date, prices in the restaurant prevail. Food and drink displayed in the menus are offered subject to availability.