Drinks Menu

Unlike many retaurants, Thai Lanna does not make excessive charges for drinks. Many of our prices ar comparable with those charged in Pubs and you don't hve to queue at a bar to get them.

Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade by the glass.

Bottled sparkling or still water (1 litre).  £3.50
Britvic Slim line Tonic Water (200ml).   £1.30
BritvicTonic Water (200ml).  £1.30
Schweppes Soda Water (200ml).  £1.30
Britvic 55 Sparkling Orange Juice (275ml).  £2.00
Britvic J2O Apple & MangoOrange & Passion fruit (275ml).   £2.00
Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Pineapple Juice by the glass.  £1.60
Still water by the glass.  £1.30
Small bottled sparkling water (250ml).  £1.30


Thai Lanna strongly recommends Singha or Chang as the ideal beer to accompany Thai Food. They were developed specifically for that purpose! For more information, click HERE

Chang Thai Beer (330 ml) 5% ABV £2.75
Singha Thai Premium Lager (330 ml) 5% ABV  £2.75
Budweiser (330 ml)  £2.50
Becks (275 ml)  £2.50
Woodpecker Cider (medium/sweet) (275ml)  £2.50
Dry Blackthorn Cider (275ml)  £2.50
Boddingtons ‘Draught’ Bitter (1/2 Pint)  £1.95
Boddingtons ‘Draught’ Bitter (Pint) £2.95


White Wine Spritzer (Lemonade or Soda Water)



Martini - Extra Dry, Rosso, Blanco (50ml)

Pimms (25ml)  £2.20
Campari  (25ml)  £2.20


Smirnoff Ice (275ml)



Tia Maria Liqueur £2.30

Drambuie Whiskey Liqueur       

Baileys   £2.30




Whisky, Brandy & Cognac

Mekong Thai Whiskey (subject to availability) £2.40
Bells Extra Special Whiskey  £2.20
Famous Grouse Whiskey  £2.20
Jameson's Irish Whiskey        £2.20
Jack Daniels   £2.20
Three Barrels Brandy   £2.20
Courvoisier VS Cognac  £2.50
Remy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac  £3.00


Malibu (25ml) £2.30
Lambs Navy Dark Rum (25ml)  £2.00
Bacardi (25ml)  £2.30


Gordon’s Dry Gin (25ml) £2.30
Smirnoff Vodka (25ml)  £2.30
Southern Comfort (25ml)  £2.30
Cockburns Fine Ruby Port (50ml)  £2.30


Britvic Tonic, Slim line tonic water £1.30
Schweppes soda wate  £1.30
Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke  £1.30
Dash of lime  £0.30

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