Home Made Thai Sweets

Guay Buad Chee Banana cooked with palm sugar and coconut milk. £4.50
2 Guay Todde Banana in coconut batter, served with vanilla ice cream £4.50
 Ma-praw Muan Pancake roll filled with palm sugar and coconut, served with vanilla ice cream £4.50
4 Sah-ku Ma-Praw Onne Delicious young coconut meat and tapioca pearl in coconut milk. £4.50

Ice Cream / Sorbet

6 Whole Orange Sorbet A whole orange filled with a refreshing orange water ice.  £3.70
7 Whole Lemon Sorbet A tangy lemon sorbet crammed into a whole lemon. £3.70
8 Coconut Half

Half a coconut shell filled with coconut ice cream.

9 Mint Chocolate Bombe

Dairy mint ice cream with chocolate sauce
centre, enrobed in Belgian chocolate with mint crisp and stick.

10 White Chocolate Bombe

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
centre, enrobed in white Belgian Chocolate topped with a flake.

11 Vanilla & Toffee Pecan Honey Pot Ice Cream  Delicious vanilla and toffee ice cream is topped with a toffee sauce and caramelised pecan nuts.   £3.70
12 Ice Cream Three scoops of your choice of ice cream. Choose from: Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry. £3.00
13 Banana & Amaretti Cheesecake  This mouth-watering irresistible pairing of banana and Amaretti offers sheer indulgence in a creamy cheesecake. £3.70

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