Home Made Thai Sweets


Guay Buad Chee Banana cooked with palm sugar and coconut milk. £4.75
2* Guay Todde Banana in coconut batter, served with vanilla ice cream £4.75
3*  Ma-praw Muan Pancake roll filled with palm sugar and coconut, served with vanilla ice cream £4.75
4 Sah-ku Ma-Praw Onne Delicious young coconut meat and tapioca pearl in coconut milk. £4.75


6 Whole Orange Sorbet A whole orange filled with a refreshing orange water ice sorbet. £3.70
7 Whole Lemon Sorbet A tangy lemon sorbet crammed into a whole lemon. £3.70

Ice Cream

8 Coconut Half Half a coconut filled with coconut ice cream and decorated with a chocolate button. £4.50 

Mint Ice Cream Bomb

Dairy mint ice cream with chocolate sauce centre, encased in Belgian chocolate coating with cream and mint crisp stick. £3.70 
10 Vanilla & Toffee Honey Pot Ice Cream 

Ceramic dish filled with vanilla flavour & toffee dairy ice cream topped with a layer of toffee sauce & sugar nibs.

11* Ice Cream

Chose from Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.



12 New cheesecake to be advised £4.00 

* Not recommended for take home

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