Chef's Speciality Dishes


Sizzling Beef Special  Lean beef marinated in our Chef's special brandy sauce. Served on a sizzler plate with quality seasonal vegetables. (§) £9.50
Scallops in Thai Chilli Sauce Special Stir-fried scallops with mushrooms, green beans, red peppers and sweet basil. (§) £11.00
King Prawn Special Miniumum four King prawns in our Chef's special sweet chilli sauce.Served on a bed of Chinese leaf and decorated with hand-carved vegetables. (§) £10.00
Sea Bass Special Steamed sea bass with soya sauce. Garnished with spring onions, oriental mushrooms and Thai chilli pepper. Decorated with hand-carved vegetables. Served with the popular fish sauce and green chillies. £15.00

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(§Indicitave spicyness of dish from (§) little spicy to (§§§§) very spicy.

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