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Thai Lanna has partnered with Colombier Vins Fins to provide a selection of wines specifically aimed to complement Thai Food. The robust flavours of Thai food need wine of suffcient character otherwise the wine is overpowered by the food. Colombier Vins Fins work with the smaller more specialist vinyards worldwide to provide excellent wines at reasonable prices. All wines are natural and made in limited quantities, so our wines will change from time to time. 

White Wines

Bin The Taste Grape Variety Grower Country Bottle

Intense bouquet of pineapple, papaya, dry with a smooth lingering flavour.

Chenin Blanc         Long Tail South Africa   


125ml  £4.60

175ml  £5.60

250ml  £6.60

2. Delicious aromas of orange blossoms with an exquisite taste of juicy apricots. Fleur de Muscat, Premium (medium) Long Tail South Africa 


125ml  £4.60

175ml  £5.60

250ml  £6.60


Crystalline colour, aromas of peach and pineapple, with a generous taste of passion fruit, crispy and fresh.

Chardonnay /Sauvignon Blanc


Australia  £19.00

Bouquet of pears. Pleasant and flavoursome vivacious clean medium dry finish.

Pinot Grigio Venezia Giulia, Rubini Italy  £20.00
5. Aromas of ripe gooseberry with mouth-watering minerality and fullness. Sauvignon Blanc Reserva  Black Cottage  New Zealand  £26.00
6. Flinty, smoky lingering long finish. Chablis Domaine Gautherin France  £30.00

Rosé Wines

Bin The Taste Grape Variety  Grower Country



Vibrant pink colour. Fresh bouquet of red loganberry. Full bodied with a soft savouring flavour.



Long Tail South Africa   


125ml  £4.60

175ml  £5.60

250ml  £6.60


Attractive pink with a bouquet of soft red woodland berries and a hint of wild strawberries.

Pinot Grigio Rosato

Palazzo Pisano Venezia



Red Wines

Bin The Taste Grape Variety Grower Country Bottle

Blackberry and plum with hints of liquorice, voluptuous full body and tannin. Great for Thai Food.

Syrah (Shiraz)  Long Tail South Africa 


125ml  £4.60

175ml  £5.60

250ml  £6.60


Soft aromas of wild berries. A sweet ripe palate, lively with a hint of mint.

Cabernet Sauvignon Long Tail South Africa £19.00

Crimson red, aromas of summer berries with juicy bramble fruit on the palate, beautiful lingering flavours.

Shiraz Cabernet

Mc Pherson Wildflower



13. Lovely floral bouquet with notes of raspberries and loganberries, generous and fruity with good structure. Merlot Chateau Tourelle France


14. Full bodied, smooth black Morello cherries.

Carmenere Reserva

Cefiro Chili £21.00
15. Ripe plums and full juicy sensation. Malbec Finca el Origen Argentina £21.00
16. Full bodied toasted biscuit Morello cherries.Good Length. Rioja Reserva Organic Biurko Gorri Spain £30.00

Presecco Sparkling Wine

Bin The Taste Grape Variety  Grower Country



Enticing aromas of brioche and white raspberries. Exquisite, fine mousse with a long elegant finish. 


Treviso DOC, Colli Asolani Bedin



Champagne from a Grand Cru Vineyard

Bin The Taste Grape Variety  Grower Country



Silvery light colour, good body with a substantial length.

La Romantique Brut




Many of our wines are sourced from small vineyards. If unavailable we will substitute for a wine of comparable quality and style.