New Prices

Dec 2022 - Prices have continued to rise. We realise we can't pass on all of the increase to our customers. This price increase averages 10.1%. It means we probably won't make any profit this year, we all have to take a share of the 'pain'.


For Take-Away's, the 2021 menu prices are unchanged, but will no longer attract a 10% discount.


Restaurant prices have changed, some dishes have increased by more and some less than 10%. The average is 10.1%


Our research has shown we are still cheaper than our competitors and still offer freshly prepared, good quality food at a reasonable price.


New Menu

On 9th December 2021, we will be launching our new menu. It will come as no surprise that prices have to increase. Our gas and electricity prices have more than doubled, and shipping/importing costs have skyrocketed. Even locally produced foods have increased. We want to maintain the high quality and quantitiy our customers expect so have no choice but to increase our prices. Only a few dished have incresed in price since 2016, so increases are not just down to the Covid 19 Pandemic and Brexit but include 5 years of inflation. We have tried to keep the increase to a minimum and our research reveils that we are still cheaper than our competition.


Building Renovation

Starting on 21st June 2016, Thai Lanna Stone will undergo a complete external renovation. The work will require extensive scaffolding for about a month. The restaurant will be unaffected and business will be open as usual.


The building, formerly the Falcon Inn was built (as near as we can determine) in the 1860/70s, i.e. mid Victorian. Time has taken its toll on the building and about 50 disintegrating bricks will need to be replaced with reclaimed Victorian bricks.


The renovation aims to reflect the historical importance of the building by highlighting it's architectural features using colours predominant in that period.


We are trying to document the history of the building, so if anyone has any information, especially before 1900, please let us know. Call Kevin on 01543 371193, or E-mail


The work will be undertaken by local people who have a particular affinity to historical buildings. These include:

Stone Services (Mike Lees)

Stone Scaffolding (Nick Pye)

Mick Swindall (roofing specialist)

I must say that working with these professionals has been excellent. 

We have now completed installation of new curtains in both the main restaurant and the function room. 


These have transformed the feel and apprearence of the restaurants providing a warmer, cosier feel.

At the end of 2013 we completed the addition of a front entrance porch.  For those of you that have arrived at a busy restuarant in winter to be sat close to the front door this is great news! The door now opens in the direction of the Bar - away from the tables.


The porch will make those tables close to the door much more comfortable.

New Front Door Porch

We still encourage you to book well in advance, especially at weekends, as we always allocate the best table on a first booked basis. But now we can offer more comfortable tables to those that book late or arrive without a booking.

Forthcoming Activity

During 2016 there are plans to:


Redecorate the restaurant using warmer colours and textures. 

Redecorate the exterior.

Improve CCTV and communcation facilities.


All of this work will be planned to minimise dissruption to customers and we do not intend to deviate from normal opening hours to achieve this.


Note: CCTV is there to protect our customers and the business and strictest confidentiality and compliance to the Data Protection Act will always be maintained.