Frequently Asked Questions



What Payments methods do we accept?

We accept cash and most Debit and Credit cards. To maintain good service and minimise price increases, we only provide ONE Bill per table and accept a MAXIMUM of two card treansactions per table.

All card transactions are subject to aminimum of £10.

What is Thai Food like?

This is a very difficult one. I used to respond with a statement like... Thailand is situated between India and China, similarly Thai food is halfway between Indian & Chinese food. However, many of our customers have disagreed saying Thai food is unique, tasty but delicate and balanced. This probably doesn’t answer the question fully, but a visit to Thai Lanna will.

Is Thai food spicy?

Thai food has a reputation for being spicy. However it does not have to be. Our menu contains many dishes that are not spicy at all! The degree of spicy dishes are also indicated on the menu. You can enjoy a Thai meal without eating spicy food.

Note the spicy taste of Thai food is very different from Indian or Mexican food. There is an additional problem in that spicy food to some people is relatively mild to others.

What does Lanna mean?

Lanna is the name given to a Kingdom/Civilisation which spanned parts of what is now Burma, Laos and northern Thailand. The Lanna period started in the mid 13th century and lasted until the late 19th century where it was divided between Burma, Laos and. Thailand. Lanna was geographically isolated from the rest of the world and developed its own unique and rich culture. Lanna is particularly known for its architecture, crafts and food. Lanna’s capital and cultural centre was Chiang Mai in North West Thailand and is seen as one of the original seats of Thai culture.

Why Brownhills?

The UK has in the region of 1,000 Thai restaurants. Every city and many large towns now have at least one Thai restaurant. City locations attract high overheads, access problems and often difficulties in parking. The Thai Lanna is located just off the A5, is readily accessible and we have our own car park for 35+ cars. It is also very close to a junction M6 Toll Road. Our lower overheads also allow us to pass some of the savings onto our customers.

What is Thailand like?


How long have you been open?

The Thai Lanna - Chasewater has been open since January 2000. Thai Lanna - Stone since May 2007.

Where do you get your special ingredients?

Whilst some supermarkets are stocking ingredients for Thai food, some ingredients have to be substituted and compromises made. The results often reflect this. At Thai Lanna we use special wholesale distributors located in London and Birmingham who import herbs and spices directly from Thailand. This allows us to prepare real Thai food.

Where do you buy your meat and vegetables.

All of our meat is purchased from reputable wholesalers who always declare the country of origin. Our meat usually comes from UK, Holland, Germany or France. We DO NOT purchase any meat from the Far East.

Almost all of our vegetables are fresh and purchased through local reputable retailers.