Lunch Menu

Main Course only £9.00

Appetiser & Main Course £12.00



Pork or Vegetable spring rolls with a sweet chilli sauce

Chicken wings in a red wine sauce

Prawns & pork on toast with a sweet chilli sauce

Thai style fish cake with a sweet chilli sauce

Tom Yam Soup with chicken or mushrooms

Mild Thai soup (chicken or mushroom) with coconut milk and galingale

Kang Jued soup with Bean Curd and spring Rain noodles.

Main Courses

Main Courses                                      Vegetarian
Green curry (chicken, pork or beef).
Red curry (chicken, pork or beef).
Musaman curry (chicken, pork or beef).
Stir-fried (chicken, pork or beef) with ginger.
Stir-fried (chicken, pork or beef) with Thai herbs.
Stir-fried (chicken, pork or beef) with garlic.
Sweet and sour (chicken or pork).
Stir-fried (beef or pork) with oyster sauce.
Stir-fried (beef or pork) with fresh chillies.
Stir-fried chicken and cashew nuts.
Stir-fried beef in red wine sauce.
Stir-fried pork with pineapple.
Stir-fried spiced pork Thai style.
Spare ribs in Thai spices and honey.

Vegetable curry (Green, Red, Musaman)
Stir-fried mixed vegetables
Stir-fried aubergine with sweet basil
Stir-fried mushrooms and cashew nuts
Stir-fried mixed vegetables in a red wine sauce.


Noodles & Special Fried Rice
Pad Thai noodles (Chicken, pork, beef or vegetable).
Pad Khee Mow - Spicy (Chicken, pork or beef).
Pad Si Ew - Mild (Chicken, pork or beef).
Special fried rice with vegetables and (Chicken, pork or beef).


Specials (2.00 extra)
Stir-fried duck with ginger.
Stir-fried duck with Thai herbs.
Stir-fried duck in a red wine sauce.
Stir-fried squid with Thai herbs.
Sweet and sour prawns.
Sweet and sour fish.

All dishes (except Noodles & Special Fried Rice) include steamed rice or egg-fried rice.



If you wish to add a desert, please ask for the Desert menu.

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