1 Thai Lanna Platter

A beautiful selection of delicious Thai appetisers for two people. Served with a selection of sauces.

((N) one sauce)

2 Gung Hom Pha Marinated prawns wrapped in a light pastry. Served with a sweet chilli sauce. £6.40
3 Sa-tay Gai Grilled chicken satay marinated with Thai spices. Served with a peanut sauce. (N) £6.80
4 Peek Gai Roul Dang Thai style fried chicken wings in a red wine.  £5.50
Po Pea Moo Tod Deep fried pork Spring Rolls with transparent noodles wrapped in a crispy light pastry.  Served with a sweet chilli sauce. £5.80
6 Ka-nom Pang Na Moo Gung Deep fried minced prawns and pork on toast, sprinkled with sesame seeds. £5.80
7 Tod Mann Pla Thai style fish cake. Fish blended with Thai spices and egg. Served with a sweet chilli sauce. £6.80
8 Thung Tong Gai Thai ‘golden bags’ - deep fried thin pastry bags filled with chicken and herbs. Served with a sweet chilli sauce. £5.80
9 Ce-kong ob mum pung Roasted spare ribs marinated in Thai spices and honey. £7.00
10 Gung Leh Puk Tod Minimum two prawns, carrots & baby sweetcorn coated in seasoned flour and deep fried. Served with a plim sauce. £8.20
11 Hoi obb Steamed mussels with Thai herbs, served in a traditional Thai chilli sauce. £6.80
12 Mee Krobe Sweet crispy noodles with egg and prawns.  £6.80
13 Gung Poaw Minimum three grilled King prawns served with a traditional Thai chilli sauce. £9.50

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(N) Dish may contain nuts.

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