20 Tom Yam Gung A famous Thai spicy soup with prawns, lemon grass, galingale and lime leaves. (§§) £7.20
21 Tom Yam Gai A famous Thai spicy soup with chicken, lemon grass, galingale and lime leaves. (§§) £6.70
22 Tom Khar Gai A spicy chicken soup with coconut cream and galingale. (§§) £7.00
23 Tom Yam Ta-lay A spicy mixed seafood soup originating from Southern Thailand. (§§) £7.50
24 Tom Yam Hed A Thai spicy soup with mushrooms. (§§) £6.60
25 Gang Jud Tao Hoo A Thai tofu soup with vegetables. £6.60

Thai Salads

Thai Salads are cooked to order using currently available ingredients.

They are offered subject to availability


100 Yum Nua Yang Spicy salad with sliced grilled beef. (§§§) £13.50
101 Yum Talay Spicy salad with mixed seafood. (§§§) £14.50
102 Larb Gai Spicy salad with minced chicken, ground rice, chilli and lime juice. (§§§) £12.50


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(§) Indicitave spicyness of dish from (§) a little spicy to (§§§§) very spicy.

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