Dining the ‘Thai way’


Eating food the ‘Thai way’ is  different to eating food in many Western countries where you choose and eat your appetiser and main course dish. In practice this has some shortcomings in that:

  • You only get to try one dish;
  • You tend to stick to the same old favourite(s) - just to be safe;
  • If you do try something different and don’t like it, you are left with few alternatives.

The Thai approach is to eat with a number of people, order a number of dishes and share them. This is much more practical in that:

  • You get to try a number of dishes;
  • If you don’t like a dish, there are others to chose from;
  • You can afford be more adventurous.

The result is a more balanced and satisfying meal and an enjoyable social occasion. Think about this:

  • Have you ever thought that someone else’s meal looks nicer?
  • Have you ever been tempted to try your partners or friends meal?
  • Have you ever ordered a meal and not enjoyed it?

Eating the Thai way avoids this!

Cutlery - Thai Style

Today, Thai food throughout Thailand is eaten using a spoon and fork although chopsticks are occasionally used. A knife is unnecessary as all of the food is either served in bite-sized pieces or can easily be broken up using a fork.


Salt and pepper are not traditionally used at the table, Thais use ‘fish’ sauce, chilli powder and a variety of other sauces instead. We aim to serve your meal correctly seasoned, but if you wish to adjust it please ask.


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