Ordering Thai Food

Ordering Thai food is easy when following these basic steps.

Step 1

Read Eating The Thai Way. We recommend you eat your meal the ‘Thai way’.


Step 2

Look at the Thai Lanna Set Meals. A considerable amount of time and effort has been put into these Set meals to provide maximum satisfaction for our customers. They also represent good value for money. If these are suitable, jump to step 5.


Step 3

If you don’t want a Set Meal,  use the Set Meal as a framework for selecting dishes from the rest of the menu. One way to do this is:

  • Each one of you to selects a dish of their personal preference, trying to make sure there is a balance of pork, chicken beef and fish dishes.
  • Select one or two additional dishes by mutual consent, one of these may be a vegetable or noodle dish;
  • Select rice and/or noodles.

Step 4

If you are thinking of skipping the appetisers - our customer feedback tells us you will miss out on the best part of the meal.


Step 5

Order your meal. If you wish discuss your choice with the Waitress/Waiter. Thai Lanna’s staff selection process and training ensure that they can provide knowledgeable assistance in the selection process


Step 6

Sit back, relax and enjoy your drink. Remember, at Thai Lanna your food is cooked to order to ensure it reaches the table hot and fresh.


Step 7

If eating the Thai way it is customary to commence eating as soon as the rice and one of the dishes has arrived. The others will arrive shortly afterwards as the chefs prepare food table by table.


Step 8

Relax and enjoy your meal.


Step 9

If you feel that you haven’t ordered enough, add another dish. Unless we are very busy, we can  quickly prepare another dish for you.