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July 2014 New menu published at Thai Lanna Chasewater including a revised wine menu. Since the last menu publication there has been a VAT increase, two Excise Duty increases, significant increases in some wholsale food costs (especially prawns and fish) and major increases in gas and electricity.  Price increases were unavoidable, but we have kept them to a minimum. Some dishes have only increased by 5p!
Jun 2014 We have just finished the wine tasting in preparation for our new wine menu. Much of the original wines remain with the addition of four excellent new reasonably priced wines.
Dec 2013 At Thai Lanna Stone - we installed a new entrance porch to separate tables from the cold air entering via the entrance door. 
Aug 2013 Work carried out on the Thai Lanna Car park to improve appearence and secuirity.
April 2013

The budget added another 10p tax to each bottle of wine. We have decided not to pass this on for the time being so our wine is now even better value.

Thai Lanna - Chasewater Wine Menu

Thai Lanna - Stone Wine Menu

April 2013 Recently, there has been an increase in requests for Rose wine by the glass. In response, customers can now purchase our lovely Santa Rosa Cabernet Sauvignon Rose in 175ml and 250ml glasses.
June 2012 Our most poular wine is running out!. The popular Piedra Luna from Argentina is running out. The vinyard has substantially increased the price to the point it is no longer viable. The latest batch is also not as good as previous years. Rest assured Colombier Vin Fins and thai Lanna are looking for a worthy replacement!
Mar 2012 New solid teak tables with glass tops and hand-carved flower patterns introduced into Chasewater Restaurant.
Feb 2012 New Internet site published in format that is easier to keep up to date.
Dec 2011 Thai Lanna - Burton ceased trading.
Mar 2011 Thai Lanna - Chasewater kitchen updated with new sinks, work surfaces refrigerator and fryer.
Oct 2010 New high efficiency central heating system installed into Thai Lanna - Chasewater.
Oct 2009 New high efficiency central heating system installed into Thai Lanna - Stone.
July 2008 Menus updated in all three restaurants with new dishes and set meals introduced
May 2008 Thai Lanna - Chasewater redecorated using warmer colours and materials.
1st Oct 2007 Official Opening of Thai Lanna - Stone commencing with blessings from 5 Bhuddist monks from the Temple near Litchfield.
June 2007  Thai teak tables & chairs installed into Thai Lanna - Chasewater
June 2007 New Thai teak tables & chairs installed into Thai Lanna - Stone
May 2007 Thai Lanna - Stone commenced trading.
April 2007 Purchased Chai Yo 11 High Street, Stone Staffordshire.
June 2005 Menus updated in both Burton and Chaswater restaurants
Aug 2004 A Major refurbishment of the exterior of the Thai Lanna -Chaswater building will take place throughout August. Scaffholding will be installed all around the building. This will not affect the restaurant or car park and business will be open as usual.
April 2004 Thai Lanna launched a new menu, retaining many of our regular customer’s favourates whilst adding new and exciting dishes. The menu remains the same in both restaurants.
Sept 2003 Both restaurants were enahanced by the addition of orchid flower arrangements.
Feb 2002 Thai Lanna - Burton had its carpet replaced by a high quality wooden floor. This not only enhances the Thai atmosphere but is also more hygenic and easy to maintain. Work was done on Sundays so business was not affected.
April 2002 Launched a new Wine Menu at both restaurants providing improved choice and quality at very reasonable prices!.
Mar 2002 Thai Lanna sponsors Burton Albion Football Club.
Jan 2002 Launched new Menu at both restaurants providing more choice especially seafood dishes.
29th Jan 2002 VIP Guests at opening of Thai Lanna - Burton restaurant in Burton on Trent.
14th Sept 2001  Purchased 100 Station St, Burton on Trent with view to refurbishment and opening a new Thai restaurant.
1st Jan 2000 Opened the Thai Lanna - Chasewater restaurant.
27th Oct 1999  Purchased the Olde Wikin Inn, Brownhills West, close to Chasewater.