Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a large bustling city. Bangkok has many fascinating places worth visiting, but most people spend only part of their holiday in the city. However if you prefer cities with a wide choice of night-clubs and bars, then Bangkok will be difficult to beat.


Bangkok used to be difficult for the novice traveller to get around; every corner you were hassled by taxi drivers after your money. Today with the recent introduction of the Metro and metered Taxis has made Bangkok easier and cheaper to get around. The Tuk Tuks ((tricycle taxi) can be more expensive  but are an experience every traveller should try.


Places worth a visit include:

  • The Kings Palace which can be included as part of a guided tour or on your     own. This could be the eighth wonder of the world.
  • A boat ride on the ‘James Bond’ long boats is also exhilarating.
  • The floating market - a fantastic atmosphere, but slowly becoming too much of a tourist trap.
  • Various markets/bazars for those after a bargain and a unique experience
  • There are also various large department stores and shopping malls.