Thai Culture

Buddhism is the predominant religion of Thailand, accounting for over 95% of the population. Other religions are accepted, the result being Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and other religions all live in harmony.


Most Thais have embraced much of Western culture, but not at expense of their own. Like the religion, the two cultures live in harmony and this is one of the endearing features of Thais and Thailand.


Thais welcome their guests and are pleasant, open, friendly and helpful. Thai’s are bought up to respect their Royal Family, culture, religion, elders, others and the environment. They are also easy going and tolerant. In spite of this the odd visitor is able to offend. This is most often the result of visitors treating a holy Temple as though it were a beach bar or some disrespectful comment made against the Royal Family. Any offence given by visitors to Thailand is usually gracefully tolerated. If exceptional, you may be politely asked to leave.

Those appropriately dressed and behaved are welcomed into most temples. An experience all visitors should not miss. The dress code is not strict. Shoes will often have to be removed and men in shorts and women with bare arms are sometimes not allowed entry. Sometimes appropriate over-clothing is loaned for the duration of the visit.


The other area a visitor could cause offence involves the Thai culture of respect to elders. The head is considered the most important and the feet the least. Younger Thais will always make sure their head is lower than their elders as a show of respect. This is  likely to be extended to foreign visitors. It is also important not to point with your feet or show the soles of your feet to others as this is considered disrespectful.

Consideration to these few facts will make your visit even more pleasant.