Beach Resorts

Thailand is blessed with some fantastic palm-lined beaches with large expanses of soft white sand. The warm climate allows visitors to enjoy the beaches almost every day of the year.


Pataya was the original beach resort, and still is very popular - the Brighton of Thailand. For those looking for something more special, Puket, Cha Am and others provide excellent balance between exotic beach facilities and night life.

Perhaps the biggest downside of these resorts is that visitors do not get to experience the real Thailand and enjoy its culture and traditions. This is perhaps why two-centre holidays are becoming more popular. Our favourite holiday is a week at a beach resort, four days in Bangkok and ten days in Chiang Mai.


Like the rest of Thailand, the food on beach resorts is fantastic. My favourite are the street stalls, but inexpensive restaurants abound. If you want to be treated like an King and Queen for the evening, try one of the more expensive restaurants, some of which can be found in the better hotels.


Water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, jet skis, para gliding are also popular at many of these resorts.