Thai Lanna - Chasewater


Take - Home Meals

Take - Home meals are available 6:00pm to 9:00pm Tuesday to Saturday  

subject to kitchen loading. Priority is given to seated customers. Every meal is freshly cooked to order so will take some time. We strongly advise booking in advance. The best time to call is 11:00am to 7:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday.


Take - Home meals are available subject to kitchen Meals will need to be picked up from the restaurant at the agreed time as we have NO FACILITY FOR HOME DELIVERY.


We aim to have the meal freshly cooked and ready to go at the agreed pick-up time. We cannot accept responsibility for food deteroration if you arrive late.


Please select your requirement from the Take-away Menu (.pdf in our download section). The Take-away Menu has the same dishes as the restaurant menu but is approxinately 10% cheaper.


Set Meals and Vegetarian Set Meals are best ordered by name.


All other Dishes are best ordered using the number provided.


Don't forget to order rice and/or noodles as required.


Complementary prawn crackers will be provided with orders in excess of £10.


WARNING!!  We have had a few instances where people have rang one restaurant to order a take-home meal and turned up at the other. This not only wastes food and hits our profits, but the customer has a very long wait while their order is redone. On one occcasion we were too busy at that restaurant so both parties lost out! You will also forfeit the  10% discount.



Thai Lanna - Chasewater at Brownhills West   01543 371193


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